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$5.90 / Month
Unlimited access to all courses
Course Discussions
Certificate of Completion
$29.50 / 6 Months
Unlimited access to all courses
Course Discussions​
Certificate of Completion​
$5.90 off
$59 / Year
Unlimited access to all courses
Course Discussions​
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$11.80 off
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It is a service where you have access to dozens of complete courses about Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

After you register and the payment is confirmed, you have full access to the platform using your username and password

Yes, you have access to all courses with no limitations

All plans start with a 14-day free trial period, where you get full access to all courses. You can cancel at any time!

Yes, all courses have a forum for you to ask questions with the instructors or with other students on the platform

It is possible to contract the service with monthly, semi-annual or annual renewal. The renewal is done based on the choice of plan and the process is done automatically by credit card.

As soon as the payment is approved (usually in a few seconds), you have access to all the content.

Yes, the membership is risk-free and has no loyalty period.

The only mandatory data to be a subscriber are the full name, email, and country/region for payment by credit card, which are managed directly by Stripe and we do not have access to them. Users have greater confidence since Stipe is a secure and popular platform that millions of people worldwide use. In addition, our platform runs on specific servers recommended for online courses and meets all security requirements and is constantly updated to comply with the latest recommendations.

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