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AI Expert Academy

We are a company established in Brazil since 2018 and we have already published more than 90 courses in English and Portuguese on the Udemy platform. We have more than 167,000 students in more than 185 countries. In Brazil, we have the IA Expert Academy platform, which is aimed at the Portuguese language audience, with more than 70 courses published.

Our goal is to offer easy-to-understand theoretical and practical courses on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, so that professionals from all areas can understand the benefits that AI can bring to their businesses, as well as present all the opportunities that this area can bring.

Our courses

We have more than 50 published courses that cover virtually every area of Artificial Intelligence, such as: machine learning, deep learning, artificial neural networks, computer vision, intelligent algorithms and many others. Courses range from basic to advanced subjects.

Our students

We have more than 80,000 students spread all over the world, teaching in countries such as: Brazil, Portugal, United States, Canada, Angola, Mexico, Germany, France, among many others.

Free content

In addition to exclusive courses and classes for subscribers, IA Expert offers free classes on Artificial Intelligence and up-to-date news about the area. There are more than 20 completely free content per month.

Why Learn Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence techniques are the most powerful solutions to solve most business challenges. There are research pointing that the future of automation and commercial application development will be made using these techniques. This indicates that many companies are in need or will still need professionals who know this area.

Are you ready to discover the immense possibilities that learning this area can bring to your career? Learn the techniques that the real world requires and become a skilled professional in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science!

Our Instructors

Jones Granatyr

Gabriel Alves

Edson Pacholok

Dalton Luiz Vargas

Denny Ceccon

Fabio Spak

Guilherme Matos Passarini

Eduardo Alexandre Franciscon

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