21 career tips in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Learn how to direct your career in the field of Artificial Intelligence

This e-book is the result of a series of questions from our students. Thanks to more than 11 years of experience of the author Jones Granatyr in the area, they were answered in a didactic way and, now, you will have access to this rich material.

Academic Degree

How can holding a master's or doctorate help you? Would the best choice be a graduate degree or a nanodegree?

Study areas

What are the areas with the most opportunity in the job market today? Where to start studying topics such as: Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and others?


Where and how to start a career? Is it only worth working for big companies?


Is it really important to master the English language to study and work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?


How to build a good resume and have a profile that can be easily found by hiring companies?

Emotional intelligence

Is this topic relevant to work in the area? How can this make a difference in winning a job?

About the author

Hello! My name is Jones Granatyr and I have been working with Artificial Intelligence (AI). I am the founder of the AI Expert platform Academy, a website with content and theoretical and practical courses on Artificial Intelligence, both in Brazil and Portugal. Already developed more than 50 courses with more than 85,000 students located in over 96 countries. I am currently doing postdoctoral work at the Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering in Lisbon, and I did my doctorate (2017) and master’s degree (2011) both in the area of Artificial Intelligence and in PUCPR of Curitiba/PR. In the master’s degree I worked within the context of PAI-L project (Intelligent Autopilot for Locomotives) financed by FINEP (Financier of Studies and Projects), which had with the objective of developing an intelligent software for driving of freight locomotives.

During my doctorate, I participated in the Sandwich Doctorate Abroad sponsored by CAPES, in which I worked in the development of a trust and reputation model using personality and emotion at the Institute of Systems Engineering and Computers in Lisbon. I also specialized in Network Security of Distributed Computers and Databases (2007) and Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems (2004). Between 2011 and 2012 I was a scholarship holder productivity level B1 of CNPq, working with Based Reasoning in Cases in the JUSTINIA software (Intelligent Justice Supported by Artificial intelligence).

Obtaining the correct direction on how to start and consolidate in the field of Artificial Intelligence will result in better opportunities and results.

Don't Miss Opportunities

Know the way to win scholarships and be a researcher in the area.

Gain Recognition

Learn the importance and the best way to create your own material online.

Update Yourself

The area of artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, learn how to keep up with new trends.

Financial Feedback

Find out what possibilities can make you earn money early in your career.

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To stand out in the job market and leverage your career, every opportunity is important.

Take advantage of the content of this material to solve all the doubts you have about which career to pursue within the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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